About Motorshine

The sole detailer of Motorshine, Afer, has been continuously developing his skills since 2005. It all began when his first car was full of buffer trails and sanding marks after a poor re-spray job. The search for how to correct this began and from there the passion and techniques expanded.

Quickly realising the results that could be achieved from hard work and learning, Afer began to get request from friends who wanted their cars to look as gleaming as his without paying for a respray. One thing led to another and Afer decided to launch as a business in 2009. Initially working from a spare garage space he had access to, he eventually realised that to provide the perfect results would require the perfect environment. In 2014 he moved to a new unit and spent the best part of £25,000 kitting it out with state of the art machinery, products and equipment.

As the market for detailing products expanded and new names entered the game, Afer decided to help differentiate himself by becoming accredited with the leading vendors in advanced nano-coating technology; Gyeon. As one of just 25 accredited detailers in the UK, Afer prides himself in the perfection of service, product and delivery.

The Studio

The studio is situated on a modern secure business park in Letchworth, Hertfordshire and is easily reached just off the A1(M). The specifically designed studio offers a clean controlled environment and a wide spectrum of lighting to simulate the sunlight which highlights all defects and ensures the very highest possible standards are achieved. Working conditions & environment are essential when performing detail packages, as many packages require more than one day it is paramount that the vehicle is secured in a clean controlled area. Being alarmed, fully insured and offering W/C and comfortable waiting facilities the studio is not only a professional place to work but also somewhere to offer you the best experience possible. Many protection systems, due to manufacturers instructions to obtain maximum results in terms of finish and durability, require certain standards are met during application and harden. Temperature and cleanliness are the biggest factors both of which can be kept at optimum as per manufacturers specifications.

Why Choose Motorshine

  • 10 years experience in correcting all paint types
  • State of the art studio and equipment
  • Certified in products and application method
  • Your vehicle is fully insured at our secure premises
  • Services tailored to your specific vehichle
  • Guarantee on many of our protective products
  • Lots of happy previous customers!

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The title speaks for itself. Your vehicle is in excellent hands. Here at Motorshine, we understand how much your vehicle means to you and we can assure that the utmost care is taken at all times. We are fully insured to work on your vehicle and your pride and joy is covered by our insurance when they stay in our studio overnight. Our premises is fully alarmed and has 24hr CCTV surveillance. In addition to this, we follow a precise list of steps and stages for each of our services to ensure that we achieve the highest standards. With a multitude of detailing products and the ability to read your paint depth levels, along with our experience and techniques, we are confident that we can provide results that also, speak for them self.