Maintenance Detail

Whilst many feel that they can give their own vehicle a good wash, there's nothing like having a periodic spring clean. This service offers the perfect deep clean solution for cars in any condition and is the ideal refresh treatment for vehicles that have already had one of our machine polishing services. Not only is the exterior left very clean, the interior is also freshened up and protected.

This service is of course also available to new customers and is commonly used by those preparing to sell their vehicle and wishing to achieve the best possible price for it.

BMW Detailing

Stage 1: Deep Cleanse

Wheel Cleaning Process

  • Wheels sprayed with a pH neutral pre-cleanser
  • Dirt removed with a soft bristle detailing brush
  • Tyres cleaned with APC (all purpose cleaner) & brush
  • Wheel arches cleaned with APC & soft brush
  • Wheels dried with warm air blower

Bodywork Cleaning Process

  • Pre-wash citrus cleaner on lower parts of the car to remove road grime
  • Door shuts sprayed with APC and cleaned with a soft bristle detailing brush
  • Bodywork rinsed with a hot water pressure washed
  • Pre-wash snow foam used and left to dwell to break down surface dirt
  • All ‘nooks and crannies’ cleaned with a soft bristle detailing brush
  • Full rinse
  • pH neutral shampoo used to ensure the vehicle’s existing protection is not affected
  • Two bucket method car wash, 1 panel at a time using a soft lambswool mitt
  • Full rinse
  • Vehicle dried with ultra soft, fluffy micro fibre drying towel & then blown dry with warm air

Interior Cleaning Process

  • All plastic surfaces are cleaned with mild detergent
  • Vents and nooks'n'crannies are brushed out and hoovered
  • Carpets and cloth surfaces are hoovered

Stage 2: Protection

Body, Wheels & Glass

  • Once dry a quick wax or protective detailing spray is applied to the paintwork to add gloss and top up any existing protection applied such as waxes or sealants.
  • Glass and mirrors are cleaned inside and out with a high-end glass cleaner.
  • Tyres are dressed to leave a natural but new look.
  • Exhaust tips are polished.


Dash, instrument panel and door plastics are treated with a matt finish, anti-static, protective coating.

Pricing from £100
Total time required: 4-6 hours