Optional Extras

Interior Detail

A Motorshine interior detail will dramatically improve and protect the appearance of any interior regardless of age or condition. Using premium products and meticulous cleansing stages, an interior is transformed back to a fresh and revitalised appearance.

  • Dash, centre console and air vents are brushed to remove dust, an all purpose cleaner is used to remove general built up grime
  • Carpets and upholstery are thoroughly vacuumed. If required, a shampoo process using a wet extraction machine is completed to remove ingrained dirt & stains
  • Leather is cleansed to remove dirt and staining and then a preserver/protectant is applied to maintain the finish
  • Glass cleaned with inside & out.
  • Interior plastics are treated with products to protect against UV and enhance appearance. These are silicone free to leave a fresh natural finish
  • Door shuts are steam cleaned, polished and protected for an enhanced finish and to prevent grime from accumulating

Pricing from £60

Time taken: 3+ hours

Engine Bay Detail

Motorshine's Engine Bay Detail is the perfect option for those wanting to tidy up what's hidden beneath the bonnet. Surfaces are then treated and protected as meticulously as the vehicle's exterior.

  • The engine compartment is fully cleaned using APC and a selection of detailing brushes to treat all areas
  • Surfaces and metal components are steam cleaned to remove stubborn dirt and oil residue
  • Excess water is removed with a hot air blower
  • All plastics, rubbers and chromes are protected and dressed. Under bonnet paint and wing edges are also polished and protected.

Pricing from £50

Time taken: 2+ hours

Headlight Restoration

Faded headlights not only let down the aesthetics of your pride and joy but can also affect the performance of the light output which could cause your vehicle to fail its MOT. It is a common misconception that once headlights reach this stage they require replacing which can be very costly, however this is far from the truth. Most headlights can be corrected with the right procedures and techniques. We will examine the headlights and use these techniques to bring back the clarity in the lens covers.

  • Lens cleaned wtih shampoo and dried
  • Are masked off to protect surrounding paintwork
  • Abrasive sanding discs used to remove heavy defects such as clouding
  • Foam sanding discs used to refine scratches
  • Polish with restoring compound to achieve a crystal clear finish
  • Sealant applied to protect lens cover

Pricing from £50

Time taken: 2+ hours

Coating Upgrades - Carnauba Waxes

Swissvax Best of Show

Why not apply a concourse level wax to your freshly detailed vehicle to take it to the highest level of gloss.

Including 51 Vol.% of pure yellow Brazilian Grade One Carnuba wax

Cost per application = £25.00

Swissvax Crystal Rock

Crystal Rock State Of The Art Car Wax by Paul Dalton. With 76% by wax volume of pure Brazilian ivory carnauba wax, this wax has one of the highest Carnauba content of any wax on the market and brings truly dazzling results worthy of the concourse but with a tough finish that will last 10-12 months.

Cost per application = £50.00

Coating Upgrades - Ceramic Coatings

Gyeon Q2 Mohs

GYEON Q2 MOHS is one of the hardest automotive paint Ceramic quartz coatings on the market based on patented Japanese technology. Combined with adding great gloss and good self-cleaning ability this coating protects your car’s paint for well over a year. This new paint protection coating is designed to offer improved scratch resistant This means those annoying swirls and spider webbing should not occur anywhere near as much, although careful washing should still take place.

Cost per application = £150.00

Gyeon Q2 Mohs+

GYEON’s Q2 MOHS+ is a state of the art quartz coating based on nanotechnology. Applied by a GYEON certified detailer this coating comes with a two year warranty. Q2 MOHS+ has a unique, two stage formula, combining GYEON’s hardest Q2 MOHS coating and Q2 PHOBIC top coat to provide a complete, structurally dense exoskeleton and the ultimate in protection for automotive paintwork. In addition, Q2 MOHS+ offers unbeatable shine, reflectivity, slickness and gloss, significantly enhancing the appearance of the car’s natural paintwork gloss and colour.
If you want the best possible protection for your bodywork, then this upgrade is for you.

Cost per application = £200.00