Swissvax Signature Detail

The Swissvax Signature Detail is the pinnacle of paint correction that Motorshine offer for customers who don't accept compromise. The vehicle will undergo as many correctional stages as safely possible to achieve an as near perfect, defect free finish. This is then followed by a refining process to generate the highest levels of gloss and clarity. Similar attention is paid to the interior.

This service is aimed at customers who desire their paintwork to be as perfect as possible and is ideal for enthusiasts who may be showing their car publicly or simple want to turn heads on the open road. Product selection is refined here. Almost all stages of the service are completed using Swissvax products, which bought separately would cost nearly £1600 alone.

BMW Detailing

Stage 1: Surface Preparation

Wheel Cleaning Process

  • Swissvax Wheel Spray Forte pH neutral pre-cleanser applied
  • Swissvax Wheel Brush used to remove gently but reliably remove dirt
  • Tar removal treatment
  • Fallout remover used to remove iron deposits and staining from brake dust
  • Tyres cleaned with APC (all purpose cleaner) & brush
  • Wheel arches cleaned with APC & soft brush
  • Wheels dried with warm air blower

Bodywork Cleaning Process

  • Pre-wash citrus cleaner on lower parts of the car to remove road grime
  • Door shuts sprayed with APC and cleaned with a Swissvax detailing brush
  • Bodywork rinsed with a hot water pressure washed
  • Pre-wash snow foam used and left to dwell to break down surface dirt
  • All ‘nooks and crannies’ cleaned with a Swissvax detailing brush
  • Full rinse
  • Swissvax Lavish shampoo used to ensure the vehicle’s existing protection is not affected
  • Two bucket method car wash, 1 panel at a time using a soft lambswool mitt
  • Full rinse
  • Tar deposits and contaminations removed using tar remover and other fallout removers as required
  • Full rinse
  • Vehicle dried with ultra soft, Swissvax micro fibre drying towel & then blown dry with warm air
  • All paintwork and glass treated with clay bar to remove contaminants bonded to the paintwork

Decontamination Process

All paintwork and glass is carefully worked over with a Swissvax detailing clay and Swissvax Quick Finish lubricant. This is done to remove contaminants that have become bonded to the paintwork and leaves a silky smooth surface once removed.

Surface Inspection

The vehicle undergoes a 50 point paint depth reading using an ultrasonic paint depth gauge. This includes plastics and any carbon-fibre parts and panels.
The paintwork is then assessed under high intensity lighting to reveal all defects.

Stage 2: Paintwork Correction

This is the stage where the actual process of removing blemishes happens. Unlike our Enhancement or Correction services, no expense is spared in aiming for the very best possible results. Based on the condition of the paintwork, numerous passes are made with a polishing machine using the finest cutting compounds to smooth out surface imperfections. The paintwork is then polished again with lighter compounds to enhance the finish further, making metallic paints 'pop', revealing the flake within them..

  • All delicate areas such as rubber/plastic trims are blocked off with special purpose masking tape
  • Multiple stages of correction using cutting compounds as required. Swirls, holograms, micro-marring and scratches are removed, using the safest tools and techniques.
  • Refinement polish performed to increase clarity and gloss in the paintwork

Stage 3: Protection

Before any wax application can begin, all bodywork surfaces are prepared with Swissvax Paint Cleaner which is applied by hand. This perfectly prepares the surface for the wax layers to give the best performance and longest life from them.


Two layers of Crystal Rock 'State of The Art Car Wax' are applied by hand. This is a Concourse-wax made with over 76% pure ivory Grade One Carnauba wax from Northern Brazil. This truly stunning wax is both visually unmatched (especially on darker colours) and tough (for a wax) giving 10-12 months protection.

Crystal Rock Tub

Hand application is used here to help ensure a perfectly even coat with no missed spots, especially around edges or surface features.


  • Alloy wheels are pre-treated with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid prior to the wax application
  • Swissvax Autobahn wheel wax is applied to deliver a glossy finish that is both hydrophobic and helps prevent brake dust from re-bonding
  • Tyres are dressed with Swissvax Pneu to leave a clean satin finish


  • Dash, centre console and air vents are brushed removing all dust, an all purpose cleaner is used to remove general built up grime
  • Carpets and upholstery are thoroughly vacuumed. If required a shampoo process using a wet extraction
    machine is completed to remove water stains and engrained dirt
  • Leather is cleansed to remove dirt and staining and then a Swissvax protector is applied to maintain the
  • Glass cleaned with Swissvax Crystal inside & out
  • All interior plastics are treated with products to protect against UV and enhance, these are silicone free to leave a fresh natural finish
  • Door shuts are steam cleaned, polished and protected for an enhanced finish and preventing grime build

Finishing Touches

  • All exterior plastics are treated with Swissvax protection
  • Glass cleaned inside & out
  • All rubbers dressed & sealed with Swissvax Seal Feed


  • Exterior metals and chrome polished
  • Exhaust tips polished with Swissvax metal polished then protected with metal sealant


The Swissvax Signature Detail is priced from £800
Total time required: 5+ days
(All prices are a guideline and will vary depending on size and condition of vehicle)